The UTA High Energy and Nuclear Physics Summer Sessions will be virtual afternoon activities devoted to high energy, nuclear and astro-particle physics in Summer of 2020.

The goal of these sessions is to get a taste of real-life fundamental physics research, and understand some of the problems particle and nuclear physicists are working to solve today. We will recreate Nobel-prize winning discoveries using real data from the Large Hadron Collider, supervised by active researchers in the field of high energy physics. Researchers from UTA’s high energy physics groups will give short lectures and host Q&A sessions, presenting their recent work to unravel the secrets of the Universe – a journey that runs from from the South Pole to the Spanish Pyrenees to the centers of distant galaxies.

We welcome all juniors and seniors to apply to join us – just visit the “Apply” tab above. The most important criteria we look for in selecting students for the camp are that 1) you think science is exciting; 2) you want to understand more about the Universe we live in; 3) you are interested to know what it is like to be a scientist working at the cutting edge of present knowledge in fundamental physics.

The sessions is entirely free of charge, and will be delivered over the software packages Zoom and Slack.

Here is some of the feedback we have received about previous camps:

“I am very new to programming, however this camp was a great way to introduce me to real applied physics programming. I loved [the] lectures as they made me think about physics in a way i’ve never done before”

“Super interesting- a good job at starting with the basics, very helpful/learning oriented[…]. The lab tours were super cool! it was great to see the application of what we talked about”

“The lectures were extremely detailed and the camp administrators were always ready to answer questions. I was able to comfortably ask questions without feeling scared or embarrassed which in turn fueled my curiosity for physics. I enjoyed the compelling answers and now I want to pursue a career regarding the material I learned during the camp”

The team from the 2018 HEPNP Camp:

HEP camp 2018